Kayak Expeditions

We organize sea kayak expeditions with different levels of difficulty and duration! Choose the one that suits you best.

Consult our events calendar to join one of our pre-organized expeditions. Or if you’d like one creating for you & yours, we can do this too!

From one day to two day tours – for those who want to see the wild corners of Ibiza.

Up-to a round trip of The Pitiüses Islands (Ibiza & Formentera) – designed for those ready to travel long distances upon the water, navigating both islands for 9 days!

Call or email us for dates & more info: (+34) 629 52 34 71 / [email protected]

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1 day expedition
Starting early while the sun is still low we’ll prepare our kayaks on the beach. We’ll glide out onto the sea and follow our chosen route to discover some of Ibiza’s secret wonders. Hidden lagoons, untouched beaches, wild caves & tunnels are just some of the things we see on the tour. Stopping midday for a couple of hours on the beach while the sun is at it’s hottest – we take a break, have lunch, swim, snorkel and even have a Spanish siesta! We then return back to the sea and follow the coastline towards the end point.
We spend whole days kayaking in north, east, south and west Ibiza! Contact us to find out which one is next!
Two days (1 night camping)
This beautiful kayak tour runs from the North West coast of the island – Cala Salada – and finishes in Portinax. Over two days we cover a total distance of about 35km stopping midway to camp in a secret pine forest bay in the north of the island. This is the tour you’ll disconnect from society on. On the route we kayak through islands that have pass-ways in-between them! We paddle below giant cliffs and experience the solitary side of Ibiza. Caves accessible via underwater tunnels and Ibiza’s endemic wildlife are all part of this two day Ibiza adventure!
Four days (3 nights) - Round trip of Formentera
Ready to take a trip around a coastline many artists find major inspiration from? Bob Dylan and Pink Floyd members, to name a few. Formentera has some of the world’s best beaches, you should come see them for yourself! During these 4 days kayaking we cover about 60km and find our inner peace restored from spending hours at sea. Tall cliffs with lighthouses at both ends, caves, tunnels, the best sandy white beaches, crystal clear water, breath-taking sunsets… the list goes on.
Seven days (6 nights) - Round trip of Ibiza
If you’re looking for an adventure, this one’s for you!
A week of complete disconnection from the typical routine. A change of rhythm to enjoy nature whilst being active.
Sea water is purifying. At night the calming sound of the water lapping at the shore sends us into a satisfied slumber. We think everyone should experience this type of adventure once in their life.
9 days expedition
Discover the Pitiüsa Islands – Ibiza and Formentera – in one kayak adventure. This expedition only happens once every few years. We navigate for 9 days giving us time to tune back into nature and explore the islands from the sea. The best guides will accompany you throughout this kayaking expedition. We explore both island’s wild coastline. Hidden caves, beaches and the Pitiüsas endemic wildlife.
At night we wind down under the stars and recharge our strength for the next day. Warm summer nights spent next to the sea are priceless.
Everyone should experience a journey like this once in their lifetime!