Sea Kayak Course

At Kayak-Ibiza we believe it vital to participate in a sea kayak course when considering going kayaking. “Why?” you may ask… because in a sea kayak course you will learn how to have a safe, enjoyable and comfortable experience on the water.

Depending on what you plan to do, there are different course levels to suit your needs.

We have a beginners course to introduce you to the paddling world, where you can learn how to effectively control your kayak and learn how to have an enjoyable trip out on the water.

The next course “security” is to evolve our paddling skills from level 1. This course is good if we want to begin making longer trips or go solo paddling. We focus on improving our technique, self and assisted rescue techniques.

The third course is to dive even deeper into the sea kayaking world. Where we look to perfect our technique, learn about extra safety equipment and how to react in different incidences.

Please contact us directly with any questions. We can adapt courses to your specific needs.

Level 1 Beginners

What will we learn?

  • The parts of the kayak and navigation kit.
  • Know how to adjust the kayak to your size and the correct paddling position.
  • How to carry the kayak, embark and disembark on the beach and on a pier.
  • Paddling phases – trunk rotation (forward stroke).
  • Driving strokes: circular strokes and braking strokes.
  • Paddling backward (reverse).
  • Draw strokes.
  • How to rescue a partner in deep water.

€65 per person – duration 3 hours.

Level 2 Security

What will we learn?

  • Improve our paddling technique learned in Level I.
  • How to be safe in a group
  • The low brace support
  • How to edge the kayak and get more precise maneuvers. Self-rescue with paddle float and without float.
  • Assisted rescue: rescue a capsized colleague.
  • Wind and wave map reading
  • What equipment we should take with us
  • Landing in small waves
  • Paddling in force 3 Beaufort

€65 per person, duration 3 hours

Level 3 Improvement

What will we learn?

  • Leaning the kayak.
  • Leaning with circular strokes.
  • The high brace support
  • Bow rudder
  • How to tow a partner (contact tow, long tow)
  • Rescue equipment
  • Repair kit

€65 per person, duration 3 hours

Learn the “Roll” (Esquimo roll)

We will learn to turn the kayak without swimming out of it. Self-rescue technique

60€ 2 horas