Sea kayak rental (touring/sit-inside)

Renting a kayak in Ibiza is a good option if you’d like to go on your own adventure!

We rent expedition-style kayaks & all the gear you need for navigation around the island.

(Please see our beach base info for short hourly rental options)

The rental of sit-inside sea kayaks for your expedition includes daily support messages (via WhatsApp) with important information about the weather and sea state at the position you are at in Ibiza.

Before starting the kayak adventure we will talk through your paddle plan and share our advice on the best route to take, taking into account the weather and duration of your tour.
We include a map of Ibiza that we’ll hand in with the rest of the equipment on day one. We will show you the best places to visit, sleep, shop and escape routes.

It is necessary to have sea kayak experience to rent this type of material or to have taken a course at our school in Ibiza.
Before starting the route, we highly recommend taking a safety course at our school or to complete a sea kayak navigation course at a specialized center.

With the rental, we include a paddle, life jacket, spray skirt, one 20 litre dry bag, pump and a map. We recommend carrying a personal first aid kit, tow lines and a split spare paddle as safety material.

We have a large fleet of sea kayaks with different models and sizes (with rudder and skegs), singles and doubles. Rainbow Laser, Wilderness, Ysak Hi Luxe, Oasis. Please send us your size and we will help you choose the right kayak.

It is essential to know how to swim, bring enough water and food for the time you plan to be out, and a mobile phone with battery and external charger.

The price for individual kayaks is €45/day for the first and second days. From the third day it is €25/day.

Double sit-inside sea kayaks are €60 per day. From the third day €45.

There is free luggage storage at our office. If you depart from es Figueral the is no delivery charge. We offer a collect & drop-off service of the material at any point on the island. This costs €60.

To reserve the activity we ask for a deposit of 10% of the total. The rental amount must be paid on the day of the route and a deposit of €100 / kayak on the day of starting.
We are open all year!