Every winter in the western Mediterranean there is a meteorological phenomenon that we Ibiza kayakers love – the “Minves de Gener”

For a few weeks in January, as a result of high atmospheric pressure, we have sunny days with clear skies and calm winds and seas. The sea level is between 20 and 50 cm lower than the rest of the year. This is our favorite time for kayaking in Ibiza.

We paddle along the coast and enter caves that are impossible to access in summer. Few boats cross our route, we go without hearing motors, only cormorants, herons and seagulls.

The crystal-clear water reflects the midday light and we can see the Posidonia meadows, now in all its splendor, full of young intense green leaves.

Halfway through the route, we stop to recharge our batteries and hydrate ourselves with a hot and aromatic tea. The bravest take the opportunity to take a quick bath.

I like to paddle in the Ibizan waters in winter and I hope that next week the gods will give us another day of kayaking and fun!

24-03-22, Lina